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September 19, 2018 1k views
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I would like to have MongoDB set up on the droplet. MongoDB stores data to the hard disk. My question is
does digital ocean provide a snapshot of the hard disk if somehow droplet is crashed?

Typically it can be files or images, we create on a hard disk which we have uploaded or stored. Do I need to manually back up all those stuff?

If for some reason VPS is crashed, does digital ocean provide a new VPS with the hard disk and applications I have for old one? Or Do I need to reinstall everything again from scratch?

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Hey friend!

Great question. You can enable weekly backups on your droplet, as well as take snapshots at any time you desire. It is important to note that without backups or snapshots, your data exists on one RAID array and we do not back it up additionally without your clear consent (which is made in the form of enabling backups or taking a snapshot).

You can use a backup or snapshot to completely re-deploy the disk as it was at that time.


  • your data exists on one RAID array and we do not back it up. So if RAID array is destroyed, Do I have no means of restoring it? Finally weekly backups or saved images are the only way to restore?

    • Thanks for reaching back out, apologies for the delayed response.

      That is correct, if a RAID array were to fail there would be no means of restoring the data without backups enabled or snapshots that you initiated. At least, not on our platform. It would be good practice for you to additionally back up your data elsewhere, giving you another restore point. How you would restore that data would be relative to how you backed it up and a plan that you devised which is best for you and your needs.

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