MongoDB server restarting constantly (and eventually unable to start)

December 25, 2018 846 views
MongoDB Ubuntu 16.04

Mongo db server (running on a droplet alongside nodejs) shuts down after a certain period of time.The last few messages (in the logs) seem to be successful “I COMMAND” messages. But on examining the logs i see a bunch of “***** SERVER RESTARTED *****” messages (so it does seem that the server is getting restarted occasionally).

2 Answers

Is the server running out of memory? Perhaps disk space is scarce? So many things could be at play. Anything else pertaining to the restart in the logs?

Even if that happened woudln’t the logs have some clue? I did a df -h on the droplet and it seemed to have ample space. Is there anywhere else i could look?

The only thing that resembles an error in the logs is below (during a SERVER RESTART) but the server seems to restart and things seem to work fine.
Failed to unlink socket file /tmp/mongodb-<some_number>.sock errno:1 Operation not permitted
Fatal Assertion 28578

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