Monitor bandwidth usage in control panel

February 9, 2015 5.7k views

Is it possible to monitor the total amount of bandwidth used in the control panel?
I could find it anywhere, why do i want it? It is good to know if you are over paying.
I do not wanna install any applications on the server itself.


2 Answers

Based on similar questions I have seen…

  • There is no way to see total bandwidth used.
  • You don’t currently get billed for going over your data limit.

I think once they start billing, you will also get to see how much you have used / remaining.

Note: this is just going from previous answers to similar questions.

As the answer before me say it, there is no charge for usage, but you can try to install vnstat on your droplet to keep control of your consumption, It is always a good idea to be aware of your application’s resources consumption, even when you are not charged for all of them.

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