most optimal (costs) to keep droplet

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I expect that this question was already ask…
I have a working droplet for about a year, unfortunately I need to pause my activity on my project for ~6 months. I know that I can pay for that 6 months or I can destroy droplet and create a new one in some time but I don’t want to lose all settings and configurations…Was is the optimal in case of cost way to turn off droplet but keep some backup which can be restored in some time…


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I think that what you could do here is to create a snapshot of your droplet and delete the droplet.

Then whenever you need to resume your project, you can just create a new droplet from the snapshot that you’ve created.

The main downside is that your droplet IP would change.

The cost of the snapshot storage is $0.05 per gigabyte per month.

Hope that this helps!

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