mount point with Spaces

November 13, 2017 5.9k views

How to create mount point in with spaces on my desktop.?

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In general, object storage solutions like Spaces are not meant to be accessed like a file system. They are API driven and most often used programmatically. Check out this tutorial to learn more about object storage and if it's right for your use case.

For managing Spaces from the desktop, there are a number of GUI tools. One popular option is Cyberduck:

If your use case really requires mounting your Space like a local filesystem, s3fs-fuse is probably the tool you are looking for. On Ubuntu, you can install it with:

  • sudo apt install s3fs

You'll also need to get your Spaces access key and secret key (see here).
Then add those credentials to ~/.passwd-s3fs, create the local directory, and mount your Space:

  • echo $SPACES_KEY:$SPACES_SECRET > ~/.passwd-s3fs
  • mkdir -p /path/to/local/directory
  • s3fs your-space /path/to/local/directory -ourl= -ouse_cache=/tmp
by Brian Boucheron
Flexible and scalable data storage is a baseline requirement for most applications and services being developed today. With today's complex deployments, containers, and ephemeral infrastructure, the days of simply saving files to disk on a single server are gone. Cloud providers have developed services to fill the storage needs of modern application deployments, and they mostly fit into two categories: object storage, and block storage.

I have a question, once is mounted, why I can't explore my directories in spaces, basically, I only can work in spaces root, any suggestion?

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