Move domain name from Funio to Digital Ocean

April 17, 2015 1.5k views
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My current domain name is registered at funio and ending soon. I want to move it on DigitalOcean DNS when it end at Funio. When should I do that and what is the procedure ?

Thanks !

2 Answers

We do not provide domain registration services so you would either need to renew your domain with your current registrar or transfer it to one like namecheap or google domains.

We do provide free DNS hosting with your DigitalOcean account. With your registrar you just need to point your domain to:


And you will then be able to manage it via the DNS section of the control panel.

  • I thought I saw an announcement for DNS hosting in the last year. Is that something you are going to add ?

  • DNS hosting we do. We do not provide domain registration. We have no plans to become a domain registrar in the near future.

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