Move / switch IP from another droplet

November 11, 2014 4.6k views

Is it possible to move / change IP of newly created droplet with IP from old one. Or just switch them.

I need to preserve the IP because I don't manage all domains that point to it.

I know that you can ask support for keeping your IP during delete / create new droplet but old server needs to keep running until new one is ready.

1 Answer

The system will try to retain your IP address for you automatically if you recreate a droplet using the name of the old one. Though, unfortunately, this requires destroying the old droplet first in order to release the IP address.

If you want to upgrade a droplet in-place to a plan with more RAM, you can use the "Fast-Upgrade" option. If you need to rebase it on a different OS image, you can use the "Rebuild" option though that will not retain your data.

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