Moving a running site from Acquia to Digital Ocean

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I have a running website on Acquia Cloud that has Drupal 7 (on PHP 5.3) at it’s backend. It has dev, test and production(live) environments supported with centralized SVN as well and ofcourse unique databases for each environment. SVN branches (managed on acquia end) can easily be deployed on each of the environments with a single click.
I also need cron and email sending feature from the hosting and the site also uses SMS generation (external - not on acquia).

I need to know how easy it is for me to move my site to DigitalOcean and what steps exactly should I be following for this migration including moving the current DNS from acquia to DigitalOcean.

I am planning to subscribe to your $ 80 / month (8GB Memory , 4 Core Processor , 80GB SSD Disk , 5TB Transfer) package.

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  • If you need several instances for Drupal in one virtual machine, you might have a problem with resources isolation. But you can fix it with Docker containers. I suggest you look at Wodby, it’s like Acquia Cloud, but on DigitalOcean servers.

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You have to take care of the migration activity & setup manually as you do it for any other LAMP project. You will be provided with SSH access.

And for the DNS, yes digialocean provides it’s own name servers, you can just point your domain to those dns servers and manage the DNS records from their web panel.

Hope this helps

  • Hi again,
    Can I get answers to following questions ?

    1 How much right to php / apache configuration and folder rights management will I have on DigitalOcean ?
    2 Does DigitalOcean support SVN or Git for code versioning ? How easy it is to switch a site on DigitalOcean from one svn branch to another ?
    3 Will I get a test server alongwith a production (live) server ?
    4 Does DigitalOcean provide Email Gateway ? I would like to send emails with support@<domain-name>.com .
    5 Do you have a SMS Gateway as well ?
    6 Can I set up cron jobs from admin web panel ?
    7 How often does DigitalOcean take backups of the databases (test and live) ?
    8 Do you give customer support in managing any issues I might com up with ?