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Hi, On my local machine everything is sent without delay. On ams1 droplet I have a delay in 2-16 secs to send email. And then it's delivered almost instantly. Here's debug output: host = port = 587 timeout = off protocol = smtp domain = localhost auth = choose user = password = * passwordeval = (not set) ntlmdomain = (not set) tls = on tls_starttls = on tls_trust_file = (not set) tls_crl_file = (not set) tls_fingerprint = (not set) tls_key_file = (not set) tls_cert_file = (not set) tls_certcheck = off tls_force_sslv3 = off tls_min_dh_prime_bits = (not set) tls_priorities = (not set) auto_from = off maildomain = (not set) from = dsn_notify = (not set) dsn_return = (not set) keepbcc = off logfile = (not set) syslog = (not set) aliases = (not set) reading recipients from the command line ----------------------------------- then delay (2-16 secs) ----------------------------------- EHLO localhost STARTTLS EHLO localhost AUTH PLAIN **** MAIL FROM: --> RCPT TO: --> DATA ok recipient ok From: A --> To: B --> Subject: Hello World --> --> This email was sent using MSMTP via Yandex. --> . QUIT

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You don't seem to be setting a TLS certificate. If you're not using it anyways, you might want to set "tls_starttls off"