Multi-Region High Availability

July 1, 2019 251 views
High Availability

Right now I am setup in the NYC1 region. I am looking at how to mitigate some of the issues we have been experiencing in this region over the past month.

  1. What options are there to host a load balanced web server(s) in two regions (NYC and SFO for example)? Do we have to use an external LB for this?

  2. What option do we have to have a master-master type clustered database in two different regions?

What are others doing on DO to have high availability? I do not care as much about load balancing our services between two data centers, what we do want is ideally automatic failover from primary region to a backup/secondary region. So if we are experiencing issues with the NYC1 region we could manually or automatically failover to serving out of the SFO region.

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Hi there @vhariable,

Sorry for the delay in getting a response to you!
I have checked with our relevant teams about this to ensure the answer I give you is as correct as it can be.

Currently, both our load balancers and master databases are single-region. If you wanted to load balance across multiple Droplets in different regions you would, unfortunately, need to achieve this with your own LB.

With databases, we do support the ability to add read-only database nodes in different regions from the source database.

Hope that helps!
- Matt.

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