Multiple domains on different ports of a droplet

December 18, 2013 5.9k views
I realize this is somewhat a quite frequently asked question, but I haven't been able to find exactly what I was looking for... Is it possible to point multiple domains to the different ports of a droplet? I'd love to be able to do this without any installing anything. I've multiple node servers running with *forever*, each on its own port, would it be possible to point different domains to each of these? Thanks, Mads Cordes
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I should probably add, that I'm everything BUT savvy with dns records (Basically I no idea what the heck I'm looking at every time I go to the DNS tab [Even though I managed to set up one domain :D ])
Hey Mads,
this should help you:

by Christian Fei
This is our tutorial on hosting multiple Node.js apps on a single VPS with nginx, forever, and crontab.
Thanks! (Though I'll have to install nginx, but, well, it's probably for the best)
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