Multiple domains on one droplet (Apache) - Email setup

January 28, 2015 2.2k views

I have a couple low traffic domains that I want to combine into one droplet. Before I start the process, I want to make sure that I can also setup the emails correctly for both domains.

Currently, I have one domain set up as a droplet in DO – lets call it I’m fortunate to have set it up with outlook hosted email already. I’d like to bring in the second domain (call it, and am thinking of using zoho mail for this, since outlook mail is no longer free. So I’m thinking of the following set up: => outlook mail => zoho mail

Is this possible? Any guides or tutorials on how to deal with more than one MX record (I assume this is the issue).

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

1 Answer

This is purely a DNS records configuration, in this case MX records, as each domain has his own records you can setup MX for each one no matter if they use different providers.

So go to your DNS manager, set up the mx records as recommended by your providers and voila!

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