Multiple domains per droplet

March 26, 2014 8.5k views
I have been searching for a while so far I couldn't find a straight answer. Can you have multiple domains / subdomains per droplets or you can only have one domain associated per droplet? If multiple domains are possible are there any references / tutorials that I could follow for directions? To all helping, thank you in advance.
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I have about 20 domains associated with a single droplet without any trouble. You should see a DNS menu item on the side bar where you can point any number of domains to any droplet you have.
Hi Fábio

Thanks for the quick answer. It should be similar to my develop environment where all I need is to associate the domain on the apache config and add a hosts entry that in this case is the DNS menu item.

Again thanks for the help.

So just to clarify this, one droplet = one IP address so if you have 20 domains sharing they are sharing the one IP address? Am I interpreting that correct or is there a way of assigning unique IP addresses in the DNS menu item?

  • That’s correct. If you want to host X domains on a single droplet, they will have to share the same IP address.

Hi! I find this information useful.

But I have a question regarding adding a second domain. Since they both point to the same IP/Droplet. How can I distinguish the two domains ( apps ) ? Better yet, how can I point them to different ports?

Is it as simple as setting the domain’s IP with the PORT number?


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