Multiple Domains to one droplet who is set up using VestaCP

August 21, 2019 169 views
Apache Nginx DNS Ubuntu 18.04

Hello, I am using Ubuntu 18 and successfully set everything up using VestaCP installation.
I added my first domain not using VestaCP but point the domain to DO nameservers and set up everything in cloudflare.
Now I want to add my second domain. I set up DO nameservers for it add domain in network section and also made new domain in vestaCP. But domain do not connect, all I get is Unable to connect when trying to access the domain.
I know that I am doing something wrong but there is not a tutorial for something like this, I tried set it up making new virtualhost etc. but nothing seems to work.
Sorry for my English and hope that someone can help me.

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Hi @xpowertlatvia,

I saw you mentioned you’ve added the domain in VestaCP but can you please make sure you’ve filled up all fields? You can try and re-add it to be sure.

Additionally, if you’ve set up your domain to use the DO nameservers, you’ll need to update the DNS from your DO’s account to point your domain to your server’s IP address. You can achieve this by updating your A record to the proper one(your server’s IP address).

Kind regards,
Kalin D.

  • Hello,
    Thanks for answering.
    I already added A and CNAME records in my DO network panel. I think I filled up all fields but I will try to re-add it.
    Also when I ping my domain I see droplets IP, so I guess with A record all is ok.

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