Multiple IP Addresses on a single droplet

December 12, 2018 4k views
Apache Networking

id like to point multiple ip addresses to one droplet where ive already configured multiple domains

id like each domain to get a unique ip address for seo value

can someone help me out with this approach?

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Hey friend,

We only issue one IPv4 address per droplet, but we also issue up to 16 IPv6 addresses per droplet. You can read more about IPv6 here:

Is it still true that there is an SEO penalty for shared IPs? I would have thought not, given how many people are using CDNs with shared IPs these days (like CloudFlare).


  • Unfortunately, it is true for me :( I personally faced the problem and Google penalized all my sites. Now here I am using Digitalocean droplet to host my site. though I used one of the droplets to host two sites using the Floating IP feature. Now my concern is if they could find that :( Is there any way Google can find that I’m using one server to host the two site?

    • Are you absolutely certain that Google provides any kind of penalty for sharing IPs? There surely could be other explanations. That just doesn’t make sense in the age of near IPv4 depletion and CDNs. Shared IPs are far too common, and not an indication of sites being hosted by the same individual (aka the entire shared hosting industry, and everyone who uses a CDN).

      I’m quite positive that is not up to date information.

      “Google handles virtually hosted domains and their links just the same as domains on unique IP addresses. If your ISP does virtual hosting correctly, you’ll never see a difference between the two cases. We do see a small percentage of ISPs every month that misconfigure their virtual hosting, which might account for this persistent misperception.” — Craig Silverstein

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