Multiple mail servers (MX) with the same domain, how?

October 12, 2015 4.2k views
Email Configuration Management CentOS

Hi all, I want to create multiple mail servers using the same domain. The question is how I do, what I want is that my main mail server has

mx 10 mailxa.midominio.com (
mx 20 mailxb.midominio.com (
mx 30 mailxc.midominio.com (

Someone could give me some notion or track.
(I use a panel)

Thank you for your help.


1 Answer

I do not comepletely understand your question. What do you exactly want to setup?
Do you need to know how to create multiple DNS MX records? Or something else?

  • I want to have slaves email servers, in case one falls into a black list, just change the MX record and send the following server and so on.


    • Allright, then you need to create multiple mail servers manually (for example with posfix and dovecot) and configure them properly with their own hostname.
      After this you need to change your DNS MX/A/CNAME records. These will then handle the needed mailserver. Also make sure you have good PTR,DKIM,SPF records so your mailservers will work together properly

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