Multiple users under one droplet?

August 18, 2015 3.2k views
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Is it possible to have multiple users under one droplet?

Say I have 2 websites hosted using one droplet and would like them to belong to different users (not sure how nginx work when it comes to resource ownership etc.)?

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You can definitely have separate websites running under their own system users on a single droplet. This makes it so you have separate SSH/SFTP access to each website. If you’re not very familiar with server configuration, you can instead use ServerPilot to run websites under different users.

Thanks again @jsamuel - I’m using Forge with Digital Ocean, but I can’t see an option to add additional users there :(

@sebssd Ah, ok. I’m not sure that Forge has an option for separate system users.

@jsamuel Well that’s the thing - I don’t think it does. When you create a new server / droplet it creates a directory designated for the forge under /home/forge, which serves as your home directory when you ssh.

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