Multisite Wordpress secure connection error

June 15, 2014 2k views
I currently have CentOS 6.5 installed with LAMP and WordPress. I am using NameVirtualHost to host 2 WordPress sites with their own domain names. The sites essentially work and the installation and configuration has gone well except when I attempt to search for more themes for the WordPress site I get an error "An unexpected error occurred. Something may be wrong with or this server’s configuration." Looking at the error log on the server the only additional information I see is "Unable to establish a secure connection to" Does anyone know what additional settings I may have missed in regards to this? astarr responded in previous post about this suggesting I check the Site URL and WordPress URL in general->settings inside WordPress. Both of these settings were set to Still having trouble with this. Any help would be appreciated.
1 Answer
Can you enable WP_DEBUG in wp-config.php and then check the logs?
  • The above was what was in the logs. I have debugging set to true. "Unable to establish a secure connection to" mentions line 350 of theme.php which has to do with ssl. It gives a different file and line number when doing another action such as update so it isn't an issue with any particular file. Is there ssl configuration i need to make? Thanks.
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