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November 17, 2012 9.7k views
When using GMAIL Mx Records the system put like this: ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM.MYDOMAIN.COM. And google don't recognize this redirect... Please fix this error on MX records... P.S.: I have 2 domains and everyone is with wrong MX records
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Your records don't look like this?
Please remove those DNS entries and re-add them using the Gmail records button, there was a bug in the original where we didn't end the record with a "." and that tells DNS to add your domain as a suffix.

We've fixed the bug and deployed it so if you delete those MX records and readd them from the Gmail button it will be added with the "." and it should work.
is working now. tks
Where is the "Gmail" records button? I couldn't find it.
Sorry. Found it. Never mind.
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