My account been locked?

November 18, 2017 701 views

Hi my account has been locked after making a payment of $25 through PayPal.

What could possibly be the reason?

2 Answers

Please, help I want to continue hosting my server on Digital Ocean.
I have just checked Google Cloud & Amazon AWS, they kind of seem outside my budget.
Linode does not have a data center in Bangalore and does not provide Block Storage.
Digital Ocean would have been best option for me at the moment.
Please, allow me to avail your services.
Please, help.

So many people getting ripped off by DO.

If I ever manage to get my code off my droplet and will NEVER use this morons again.

In the mean time I suggest you hit their Facebook page and give them a one star review and a comment.

Maybe that will wake them up.

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