My account has been locked since Aug 19....????????

August 23, 2017 1.3k views
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I got locked… as many have, and I get it… there’s a process to manually review my identity. So, I took it upon myself to post a ticket with a front size picture of my drivers license, and the back side. Some how, the pictures were not uploaded, and I was told to use a service like Google Docs, and share a direct link, which I did…

Its been 4 days since the lockdown has been initiated. My servers are running but I can’t control anything. I have one server that is working fine, while another is spiffy clean unconfigured waiting for me to get access again.

Where is the support????? Why are tickets being ignored for days???!!!! Not a happy customer, and I am not sure if I’ll stay one very soon.


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  • I am not locked out of my droplets altogether but my email has been blocked on both of them. One had a problem with a spammer but the other was not involved at all. They closed off all outgoing mail on both, automatically. That was over a week ago. The ticket has been open, and ignored, for over a week now.

    I can understand the problem droplet being shut off for mail, although I’d already done that myself by the time they did it upstream. I think it’s been fixed but now incoming connections also appear blocked so I really can’t even test anything. Or find anything by monitoring the logs since there is no activity. I need to either have it turned on for monitoring or reviewed by them, whatever it is they do.

    The other droplet bothers me a lot more since it was not involved in the spam problem. It did not need to be shut off, and now that it was they have no interest in correcting that. I’ve been a customer about 11 months and working online over 20 years, it’s not hard to know who I am or that I am not an intentional spammer.

    Anyway, if you are only at 4 days you may have a long wait ahead. I’m at 8. And 1-2 since my last comment added to the ticket. I have not even been asked for anything so far. As far as identity goes my monthly automatic payments are fine, that indicates something I think. But I don’t know if they want identity verification or just some confirmation that the problem has been fixed. I think DO droplets really need to be considered unsupported products at this point.

    I also now recommend separate droplets be set up on separate accounts. Separating the droplets is no longer adequate, a problem in one can affect all of them. They go by account. So somebody with many droplets on one account, perhaps supporting many sites or projects or companies, can have all of them partly (i.e. some services) or entirely shut down after a problem on just any one of them.

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I don’t know about having seperate accounts for the same developer, that maybe against their policy. However, they need to shut down the process which auto-locks customer accounts until they figure out:
(A) a stable algorythm that doesn’t freak out everytime there is a login issue, especially since its from the SAME IP… or
(B) Hire a proper amount of support team members to handle the load… or
© Rely solely on the two step authentication using Google Authenticator… or
(D) Automate the identification verification process, just like Uber and Lyft do when a driver uploads their documents, which processes said documents in a matter of hours, if not minutes.

I am sorry to hear of your delimma, and I feel for you as I am experiencing it myself, but I hope yours get resolved quickly, as well as mine.

Nothing new here. If you want to get some action go give them a one star review.

Maybe if we hurt them in the reputation sone they will stop beating up on the small developer.

Maybe that will wake them up.

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