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August 1, 2017 877 views

I created an account last night, payed $5 with paypal, and my account says it is locked, and they sent my a ticket. I've replied to the ticket twice last night and this morning, and I haven't even been able to create a droplet or anything. No responses to the ticket. Why am I locked out after paying, and why won't someone verify my ticket?

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  • I'm beginning to think this is a scam and that I should dispute the payment and warn all my friends about Digital Ocean.

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hansen August 1, 2017
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When creating a new account and paying with PayPal accounts, then there is often a verification process to prevent against scammers.
The account is locked automatically, but the rest of the verification process is manual, so it can take up to 24 hours to get verified.

But if you don't like this process, or you've lost trust in DigitalOcean, then you can contact Support and request your money back and close your account.

is your account unlocked now? its almost 17 hours and mine is still locked

@hansen, @johndvera13
It seems to be working now, I got this message:

"Greetings! We have reviewed the information and removed the hold from your account. If you have any questions in the future please let us know!"

Thanks for helping me out, I didn't expect the process to take 20 hours, but I'm unlocked now and ready to get started (finally)!

They lock you out of your account every time you make a payment. It's risky, as sometimes it is locked permanently without warning.

  • If you're constantly changing payment methods they've got all the right to keep blocking you as you're a risk, otherwise, they've got no reason to block the payment twice unless it was a mistake.

is it real? that they will lock us every time we make a payment? i just paid $5 from paypal as well and yes, i got the lock. my teacher told us a couple places to learn about cloud computing and i choose digitalocean cuz this web look awesome?!!!!, should i change my mind?

  • Yes dont use them

    You should not have to worry about them disrupting your business without warning and REAL merit!!

They've done the same to me after I paid
I dont like this as if they act like this to new potential customers Why would anyone want to do business with them when they can lock you out from your data at their whim. Not sustainable
Im going with Vultr

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