My account is temporary locked and is under verification?

September 22, 2017 937 views

Rn , i just registered on digital ocean , it says your account is under verification how long does it take? i added my card as a payment mode will they charge? and if so how much amount? , What is the overall time of getting accepted ? O_o i heard it take’s a way too long time i hope it get’s by today please help :)

all helps are Appreciated :)

3 Answers

Has your account been verified now? I registered around an hour ago. Still locked.

excuse me, how to solve this problem?
I need his help, please :(

Nothing new here. If you want to get some action go give them a one star review.

Maybe if we hurt them in the reputation sone they will stop beating up on the small developer.

Maybe that will wake them up.

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