MY ACCOUNT ITS temporarily blocked

July 22, 2017 959 views
DigitalOcean Arch Linux

DONT GET EMAIL MY ACCOUNT ITS temporarily blockeD whats wrong___?????

3 Answers

Hi @misael187

We cannot help you here in the community forum. Please contact Support via this form - and you might want to include information, so Support can find your account:

We have had the exact sam problem and the support page does not help. We had our website shut down for nearly 1 week. we have been contacting support everyday, opened tickets with minimal response AND they closed our ticket without resolving the problem. The most frustrating part is there is no phone number to contact to speak to so we are slowly loosing business because of this and the situation STILL is not resolved.

THis seems to be regular SOP for DO. Its killing small developers who are losing clients.

Maybe if we hurt them in the reputation sone they will stop beating up on the small developer.

Maybe that will wake them up.

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