My account was blocked due to violating the terms of service

October 29, 2018 478 views
DigitalOcean Billing Ubuntu 16.04

I was using Ubuntu 16 and had begun setting up Hadoop on it using DigitalOceans guide and then 2 days ago I get an invoice for my new DigitalOcean droplet and right after I get an email stating the following:

“Due to a history of activities on your account which are in violation of our Terms of Service, we have reviewed your account and have determined we are no longer able to provide you any further service. ”

I am very sure that installing Hadoop on my droplet does not violate the terms of service and if there was a security breach on the droplet that is related to DO’s own security measures.

Any suggestions??

1 Answer

Hey friend,

If you write in to our support team they can pass it to our Trust & Safety team for review. I obviously won’t share private information here, but I can tell you that it was due to an abuse complaint about activity coming out of your droplet.


  • Hey Jarland,

    I have written to the support team, but just I’m still waiting on a response. I have no idea what has happened on the droplet. I just want to know what has happened. I’ll write to the support team again. Thanks for your help.


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