My account was deleted with working billing info and running droplets. (locked out)

August 11, 2017 211 views

A week ago, I filed an issue (ticket #488890). The issue was due to me not being able to remove or add a credit card due to me getting an error stating that "my e-mail needs to be confirmed". Here's the thing, my e-mail was confirmed and after several back and forth with support, they finally got it and apologized. I kept mentioning that I could not ADD or REMOVE a credit card and they kept suggesting that I add another credit card. Finally, the issue was solved after changing e-mails and simply removing the credit card on the changed e-mail. Very weird issue, but was solved nonetheless..

Now today, i can't log in my account. I don't have access to my droplets and i have no idea if I am being charged by digital ocean. The response from support has been very slow with my first issue and I feel like something weird is happening with my account. I re-created my account with the same e-mail since "Forgot password" did not work, hence why I believe it was deleted.

If this can reach the right people, please look into ticket #488890.

Now my account disappeared with no warnings, emails and I am locked out and cannot access my servers/droplet.

This is quite shocking to be honest. I really don't know what more to say.

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@jcolyer has finally unblocked me.

My account was not deleted. There was some confusion with the e-mails, probably related to the initial bug that was causing DO's system to think i am not a verified e-mail. It was fixed and set to the right e-mail so this can be closed now.

Thank you

I really can't help you but maybe tagging few mods could help you.
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Good luck! :)


A ticket to the support team is going to be your best bet, mainly cause no info about the account itself could really be referenced here.

That said, are you seeing anything to indicate something is wrong with your account? You referenced having changed emails in your post, so are you logging in with the new email or the previous one? Are you seeing any kind of errors when you try to login, or are you able to login but are not seeing your droplets and such anymore?

@jcolyer changing e-mails was what the support team suggested in order to be able to add payment info. I actually tried both, they both did not exist. I also re-created the account with both e-mails and the sign up let me do this which leads me to believe my account was deleted.

As for a ticket being my best bet, I've had several open and documented my experience here:

Thank you for your reply @jcolyer

For me to best assist you in this one, might be best to get me a ticket ID on the account in question. Sadly I cannot really give out specifics via this medium (and I'm sure you'd prefer I not give out your account info for the whole internet to read).

It sounds like the account and droplets might still be exist, but there might be some confusion as to what all went down. If you want, you can reach out to me via my email ( and I can discuss it with you in more detail.

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