My account was locked without any explanation

Posted January 20, 2019 635 views

My account was locked about a month ago. I was surprised by that fact. Being a DigitalOcean user for more than 2 years, inviter and administrator of many DigitalOcean teams, I have not considered myself as a possible target for random account locking.

The system automatically created a support ticket for an issue and there I get the following explanation:
“The account has been placed in a status where activation is no longer possible. Services are now unavailable and billing attempts will not occur. Nothing would be required to discontinue the account going forward and no additional responses from you are required.”

Of course, my following reply was asking to clarify the reason for locking. I asked that on 11 of Feb and I still haven’t got any reply. I guess it means that nobody is willing to explain me anything. And I really, honestly have not idea what I might have done wrong and what DigitalOcean terms I’ve broke up which lead to account locking.

Moreover I don’t have access to my DigitalOcean partner page anymore so I can’t check how much DigitalOcean owns me. I pretty sure there was some positive balance there which is now vanished.

Apparently, DigitalOcean customer relationships team have chosen dictatorship as their current strategy. I no longer recommend DigitalOcean to anyone and eventually will have to ask all of users I’m still managing via DigitalOcean to switch hosting.

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2 answers

I hate to see this kind of messages and honestly this is not the first one that I saw, “locked without any explanation”.

As new customer to DO I would like to see if and DO Representative will reply (in a timely manner) to this request as I feel very uncomfortable right now.

@DO by any chance do you have a “warning / remediation” policy in place for customers that apparently are breaching your TOS?

I have to say becareful of digitalocean.

I wanted to buy a droplet from them. I can’t buy, so I contact support.
24 hours later, they said my account is under review.
48 hours later, they finally reply said they need further information from me, such as: name, phone, address, my social media account (WTF), my personal website, the reason I want to buy the droplet.
So I give them everything except my social media account and personal website, since I have deleted those accounts.
24 hours later, they reply and said they can’t approve my purchase and lock my account....

OK, Fine! I’m tired of dealing with them anyway, so I ask them to delete my account. No more reply from them. Now I can’t delete my account, and my credit card information is still there.

I have heard stories of people whose credit card getting charged one year after they discontinue their service, I just hope I won’t be one of the victims.