My account was suspended but when trying to pay bill the link is broken

May 22, 2017 886 views

My bill is overdue and my account was suspended. When I click the link to pay the overdue balance i am sent to the “something went wrong page”. How can I get my account restored?

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Have you tried replying to the e-mail itself? As long as it’s not a no-reply@.... e-mail, it should get through.

If the link isn’t working for you, you’re not able to log in to open a ticket (which would be my first recommendation), and the e-mail doesn’t work, I would recommend submitting an e-mail via this link:

This is generally for sales only – so I’d only use it once you’ve tried replying to the e-mail first, though since this is a user-to-user support forum and as users, we don’t have a way to access, or even verify your account, it’d probably be the best option.

Make sure you use the e-mail associated with your account and include any relevant information.

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