My All sites are down for 15 minutes everyday

October 26, 2019 224 views
Apache DigitalOcean Applications

My all sites are going down every late night from 2 pm to 6 pm in the morning. This is frequently happening from the last two months for all my sites. It also hurts the SERPs. I try to communicate with digital ocean support for this issue I am facing for last two months. I create a ticket and they replied after one week. So I reply to their mail and thy also respond about ina week. And thy says they are unable to find anything in my droplet. So know what should I have to do. I am thinking the move from here to another. Or anyone here helps me in this regard.
Thanks for helpful replies in advanced.
Regards > Sohail Tami

1 Answer

Hi @Sohailakbar,

Can you confirm what does down mean, there are a few possibilities? Have you managed to find if it’s from load on your droplet or some service is being killed?

If you search for an oom or kill signal in your /var/log/messages, does anything come up? To do so, please type in

grep -i oom /var/log/messages


grep -i kill /var/log/messages

You can see if any service has been killed by the server and the reason behind it.

Additionally, check your Web Server’s(Apache/Nginx) logs and your MySQL logs. It might suggest if the services have had issues.


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