My domain redirects to my IP Address

March 24, 2018 1.4k views

Hi. I have a domain ( and I want it to point to my Digital Ocean host ( I use Namesilo and Wordpress. In this image you can see my configuration.

The problem is that when I go to or it redirects me to and I get this warning message.

What should I do? My domain has the SSL Certificate, that’s not the problem.

Thank you so much

4 Answers

@facundocalabro I’m able to access your website using the domain name (with and without https—it redirects back to https). Were you able to figure it out?

There are many possibile problems for this. vitamin c daily health benefitsMay be yours is DNS record problem. some times low storage space for host server can also creates this problem

Hi. Yes, I decided to reset my droplet and use Ubuntu 14.04 this time. Now it’s working perfectly.

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