My download speed is too slow and my ping is too high what im gonna do

February 14, 2014 2.4k views
I test it is it normal?if its not how can i increased it.I'm newbie at using vps & vpn.please explain it simple.I use openvpn on my vps with putty program.before using digitalocean i take 80 ping and 800-1000 kb/s but now its 200 ping and 300kb/s please help.sorry for my English.I hope you can understand my problem.
4 Answers
Where are you located and what region is your droplet in?
I'm in Turkey and religion is NYC'
I would suggest you do a speed test without connecting to the VPN and then connected to the VPN and compare results.

If you live in Turkey and you try to connect to your VPN server in NYC, the distance is so big, that it will turn out very hard to get great download/upload speeds.
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