My droplet become irresponsive after some time

May 9, 2016 1.5k views
Ruby on Rails Redis

I am working on a rails app in which I ’m using Sidekiq to make the process of sending email on sign up Asynchronous(I have installed Redis on my local server). Everything work fine in development mode.

But When I deployed it to Digital Ocean Droplet. It worked fine except email sending, So I installed Redis on digital Ocean and it solved the mailing issue.

Almost after a day Digital Ocean Server became irresponsive, when I try

ssh root@Server-IP

it givesConnection timed outerror.

It has happened twice in couple of weeks. Last time it happened, It didn’t even allow to delete droplet. But Somehow my team lead created a new droplet. I installed everything and than deployed my rails app to it, it worked fine for almost a day and than became irresponive too.

Why its happening, It has anything to do with Redis?

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  • If you were unable to delete your droplet via the control panel this would indicate a deeper issue than your configuration. I strongly recommend opening a support ticket so our team can investigate.

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Like @ryanpq stated your best bet is to open a support ticket so they can investigate it, but next time it errors like that I would recommend restarting it or power cycle the droplet in the control panel if possible

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