My droplet has no bandwidth data in its Graphs whatsoever. Why is that?

December 19, 2018 718 views
Monitoring Ubuntu 18.04

I have a droplet located in FRA1 and it is displaying no bandwidth data at all. I’m using this droplet for a Mastodon instance and I’d love to be able to monitor this activity in case something goes wrong. Is there a way I can enable this, or is there a reason why bandwidth data isn’t available for this droplet?


2 Answers

Hey friend,

Definitely write in to our support team about this. Grab a screenshot, and ask them to check the graphs from our side. They can provide you with more direct insight, and also check to see if anything might be wrong on our side. You can reach out to them here:

Make sure to use the email address that you log in with, and include the IP of the droplet in question.


Ticket has been created, thank you so much!

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