My entire business has been down since 11:00 am yesterday. The maintenance brought down my droplet, and my developer can't access it.

March 1, 2018 144 views

This is the support ticket. 1210508. I can't believe I have yet to get support on this issue. No phone number? How am I supposed to run a business using your platform. You better believe I'll be switching to AWS after this. He can't even SSH or use the web console. I have no way of even getting to the database to change services. Can somebody PLEASE RESOLVE THIS!?!

  • First of all, relax dude.. No one will help you when you write like that.

    Second, We can't do much from here, only support can help you, and they might be busy, DO is a huge hosting platform.

    Have you tried logging on thru web console?

  • Tried that. The problem is DO takes 4-6 hours to reply to every email, because the support is fantastic.

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