My hosting can't access after I assigned my domain

January 15, 2019 298 views
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Error Time out connection
I assigned my domain to my hosting after that I can't access it vai IP address either Domain Name.

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I am guessing that you have a droplet when you say "hosting".

1) You'll need a Floating IP (public IP) assigned to that DO Droplet
2) Go to you Domain DNS and add a new A Entry (for www. / * using the Floating IP as Value for the A Entry.


  • If you're not able to SSH to you Droplet then you probably have a problem with your firewall
  • If you're not able to telnet on port 80 / 443 from your local machine to the Floating IP that points to your Droplet then:
    • Make sure that your service is up and running (Apache / NGiNX etc.)
    • Make sure that your firewall is not blocking ALL 80 / 443 inbound connections.

If this doesn't work please try to post more details, maybe we can help.

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