My node application keeps crashing, how do I debug the problem?

February 7, 2016 5.7k views
Node.js Logging Ubuntu

Something is causing my node application to crash. It is a twitter bot and does a fair amount of tweet parsing to extract images from the tweet, etc. There are many spots in the code where it could be failing, but very hard to guess.

There are multiple console.log’s which should be outputting to somewhere.

Where can I access node logs to see how my app is failing?

1 Answer

Because each node.js app is a separate entity, there are not logs for the framework itself. By default your errors will go to STDERR and output to STDOUT.

If you’d like to change to log to a file, you’ll need to run your app with a command like this:

node my_app.js > my_app_log.log 2> my_app_err.log

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