My one click install wordpress site cannot load from other devices.

December 3, 2018 708 views
Ubuntu 18.04 One-Click Install Apps WordPress

Hi I have created a one-click install wp droplet and installed wordpress successfully. I have done everything according to DO docs. After installed theme I tried to check the website on other computer and mobile devices and it gives the ERRCONNECTIONTIMED_OUT error.
The website is working fine on my computer only, I am able to login and edit the website with no problem. The only thing that I have modified is the php.ini file, which is required to install the theme and import the theme’s demo.
This is my first time doing this and I literally have no idea what is going on and what else to do, I have search everywhere I could and still haven’t found the solution. Please advice on how to fix this problem.
This is my website

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Hey friend,

Everything looks solid on this side. I’m going to propose that this is DNS propagation, and that your other devices (or the resolvers they use) may need up to 48 hours to flush their DNS caches.


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