My Ruby on Rails app uses Amazon Web Servces (AWS) to host images, do I do the same for DigitalOcean....?

August 5, 2017 1k views
Deployment Ruby on Rails Ubuntu 16.04

Does Digital Ocean host images? If not, besides AWS what are somme good alternatives?
Does Digital Ocean support ruby 2.4.1 and rails 5.1.2?
Thanks in advance.

1 Answer

For hosting static assets like images, DigitalOcean also provide an object storage solution similar to AWS’ S3. It’s API was designed to be inter-operable with S3, so you should be able to take advantage of the tools you you are already using. Find out more about Space in this article:

The team over at GoRails has also put together a screen cast showing how to use Spaces from a Rails application that should give you a good idea about how to get started.

by Melissa Anderson
DigitalOcean Spaces are designed to make it easy and cost effective to store and serve massive amounts of data. You can create them in a few seconds and use them immediately with no configuration. Data transfer is automatically secured with HTTPS, and the available storage capacity scales seamlessly. In this guide, we'll provide an overview of the DigitalOcean Control Panel for Spaces.
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