My site is broken

October 14, 2019 78 views
WordPress Apache

I tried updating to http/2 following this and was initially throwing a mysql_connect error which seemed to involve an outdated version of wordpress. I reversed all of the steps in the ticket and deleted W3cache from my plugins folder and it still wouldn’t work. I think reverted to a backup from yesterday and now I can’t even connect to my site. My client is supposed to launch tomorrow and she is going to be furious.

1 Answer

Hi @sfabel,

Can you please confirm you can actually ping your website and it’s actually loading from the proper IP.

Additionally, try to ping your droplet as well to see if it’s accessible from the outside. If that is true as well, we’ll need to further investigate the issue. You can check if all services like Apache are actually working.

Let us know the outcome so that we can further investigate this.


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