My site is fully down

Posted August 14, 2019 1.7k views
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My website is fully down.
Its build upon ruby on rails. and today i have seen that, the whole site along with subdomain is fully down.

What should i do?
Please help me.
Thank you

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What you would need to do is to access your server via SSH and check the status of your services. You can follow here on how to SSH to your droplet here:

For example you could check the status of your nginx server by running this command:

systemctl status nginx

If the service is not running you can start it with this command:

systemctl start nginx

Also you could share the exact error that you are getting here so that we could advice you further.

Hope that this helps!

  • hello
    thank you for your replay.
    nginx server is running.
    and the browser is showing This site can’t be reached
    i have restarted the nginx, but not working.
    Thank you

    • Hello,

      It sounds like a DNS issue or maybe your domain name has expired.

      Can you try pinging your domain name and check if it returns the IP of your droplet? The ping command should look something like this:


      Also check the expiry date of your domain name, you could do that via your domain name provider or by using the whois command.

      Another thing you could check is the domain name status to make sure that the domain is not on hold.


      • ping is showing Name or service not known
        i have check my domain expiry date, and it looks good.

        • Hi,

          Ok then it is could be a DNS problem. What you need to do is the following:

          • Find out which nameservers your domain name is currently using
          • Then go to that DNS zone and make sure that your A record matches the droplet’s IP address

          Also you can use this site to check the domain status and find the nameservers that you are currently using via this site here:

          • Issues with DNS Resolution
            Our engineering team has identified an issue with intermittent failures and increased latency in DNS resolution. Internal DNS resolution within droplets should not be affected, but users may see errors or timeouts returned when querying DNS records which are hosted on the DigitalOcean nameservers. We apologize for the inconvenience and will share an update once we have more information. Show More

            why digital ocean showing this message?

          • Can you confirm if your domain name is currently using DigitalOcean’s nameservers?

          • all the record looking good.

@bobbyiliev yes, i have check namecheap and it is using,,

@bobbyiliev until now i did not find any kind of error?
where is the problem?

@bobbyiliev i have check systemctl status and it is showing the following message.
State: degraded

why the state is degraded?

Now the main site is online and subdomain is still offline.
is it a digitalocean problem?

@bobbyiliev running systemctl --faile showing this error.
mysql.service loaded failed failed MySQL Community Server
and the site is down again.
is it digitalocean problem?