MY site not working after uninstalling VirtualMin

January 26, 2018 960 views

I wanted to install a Cpanel for my server so install the VitualMin using pUtty(since I am in Windows) following the tutorial .Note I have already install Wordpress using one-click apps ,now the problem is after after installing the virtualMin my site wasn’t working anymore,so I unistall the virtualMin using the command “sh /root/ –uninstall” but my site hasn’t reverted back to how it was before.

Before installing the VirtualMin I was having a perfectly working Wordpress site now I cannot even access it,if I try to access it I get “This site can’t be reached”.What is wrong here?

Any idea folks? thank you in advance.

1 Answer

For anyone looking for answer to this same problem I fixed it by installing the apache,so install the Apache,I forgot the command so just Google for the code you will find it.

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