My snapshot is stuck on processing. How do I cancel it?

August 2, 2013 9.4k views
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  • I've had this happen twice now. I waited for hours, and they finally had to cancel the back-up. From what I've read, they've had this problem for years. Why haven't they fixed it yet?

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If you'd like to have DigitalOcean implement this feature, you can vote for it on DigitalOcean's Customer Feedback Forum: Allow users to cancel a snapshot request.

I am struggling with this right now as well - my snapshot has been processing for 20 minutes now, much longer than usual, and my site is down. :( Is it possible the process is stuck?

Currently you cannot cancel snapshots. You will have to wait until it's done, keep in mind that the droplet turns on automatically once the snapshot is complete so you can just leave it and your droplet will be on shortly.

mysnapshot taking too long , i only have about 3-4 GB of data inside.
it is 2 CPU/ 60 GB instance . why it takes so long?

i would create a new droplet and set it up from zero in this time. this is just insane. why can't i cancel it or anything.

I agree that inability to cancel the snapshot is absolutely insane. We have 480GB droplet, and snapshot progress bar is stuck at 50% instead of showing progress. Please fix this ASAP, it's crazy!

In the same boat. There has to be a "cancel" feature....

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