my team account has been locked for over a week.

September 6, 2017 630 views
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This is extremely frustrating !!

My team's account was blocked the moment I credit it with money.
It is asking me to verify the identity - which is weird since my main account is not locked, I had just made a payment and I have had this account for more than 6 months.

I tried using all 3 of their authentication systems (twitter,github,google) all say forbidden after I enter my info.

The support team said there is no ETA on when this will get resolved!!

Is this normal ? Anyone else experiencing this?

2 Answers

It should take 7 days max, those auth services make no difference.
If you have 2 accounts open at the same time I'd expect that to be the reason to why you were blocked since it's a violation of terms and services.

Hi Thank you for the reply.
I only have 1 account from which I created a team account , then credit it with money.
My team account has been online for at least 3 months , this only happened after I added money to it.

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