My temporary password not changing when I ssh to my server

February 4, 2015 2.9k views

Hi, when I ssh to my server: $ssh root@[ip.address] then I can connect to my server without any problem. But I just noticed that the temporary password that I used to connect to server via FileZilla was not changed every time I do “ssh” since I reset password for my droplet. That’s weird because it was updated with different one when I connect to server before.

Any ideas?


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The prompt to change your temporary password is only displayed the first time you log into your new droplet.

@ryanpq Thanks for your response. It’s not about prompt to change temporary password. What I meant was the Pass “X54hg465xKj” as below. Before it was changed every time I made ssh to my ip address. But now it’s fixed as “X54hg465xKj” all the time.

Thank you for using DigitalOcean’s Rails Application.
We have created a default Rails application that can be seen from http://ip.address/

You can use the following SFTP credentials to upload your webpages (using FileZilla/WinSCP/Rsync):
Host: ip.address
User: rails

Pass: X54hg465xKj

These instructions are stored in /root/RAILS for your review.
You can use the following MySQL database credentials:
DB: rails
User: rails
Pass: UI54bdlJLLD
If you require root database credentials, they are in /root/.my.cnf

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