My trial doesn't finish and you charged 15$!!

April 1, 2018 2k views
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My trial doesn’t finish and you charged 15$ for account that is 5$ for a month? Pay me back!! You didn’t answer to my support question. I will you slack attitude to social media.
Users! Please be careful about digital ocean because they charge what they want!!

2 Answers

If you open a ticket, our support team will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have on your billing detail. Spaces, unlike our other services is offered as a subscription service, you can create many spaces all within your $5/month allowance of resources. Since Spaces is not billed solely on usage you need to cancel your Spaces subscription if you do not wish to use the service and be billed.

If you go into Spaces in the control panel and select the “Settings” tab you’ll see your subscription listed along with the option to cancel it.

  • Give my money back!!You withdraw 15$ from my credit card. I have 2 months trial and I’m in second month and my plan is 5$ in month. I will give you to the court!! Upon my word!

  • I haven’t spaces sir.I have only one droplet.

  • Support team didn’t help me about anything. I hope people see this topic and have an idea about your service and support!

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