My website is not loading. Connection not found for both domain name and IP address

November 2, 2016 913 views
Nginx DigitalOcean

I reset my root password from my control panel in Digital Ocean and it restarted the server. After I reset the password and chose new password from logging into the console, my site is down. It is no longer working if I visit my domain name and my IP address.

I’m hosting my site on DO but letting Forge ( manage my site. I can access my database, access SSH and access file system just fine from terminal and Sequel Pro.

Please help.

1 Answer

My first suggestion would be just to restart the nginx service with:

sudo service nginx restart

Since you are managing the server through forge I would hesitate to suggest other changes but when using a standard Ubuntu version of nginx it should start by default on boot. If this were disabled it could then be re-enabled with:

systemctl enable nginx.service
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