My website is slow

January 22, 2019 451 views
Apache Debian 9

Hello, how are you?

I have a site that is hosted on a droplet, however it gets very slow in a few moments.

The memory does not exceed 50% of consumption. The CPU is only 33%.

As far as processes are concerned, apache2 always consumes more than 100% of memory.

What can I do?

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Hey friend,

This could be caused by a number of different things. My recommendation is that you start here to identify the point at which it becomes slow:

The result of your test will determine what to do. If the slow point is before anything starts to load, you may need to optimize your web server or web application. More often than anything else, the answer is to optimize your web application by reducing the amount of effort required by the server to generate a page to load.

An example of optimizing a web application is to use Wordpress, since it is most common. In such a case, reducing plugins and using a lightweight theme, as well as using a static caching plugin, can help with that.

If it isn't at the beginning there, you should be able to see that it is specifically something else. If it's an external call, it may be another server running slowly and you may need to pull the content locally. If it's something like a large uncompressed image, then you can compress the image and re-upload it.


Hi !

if it's a wordpress website you could try wprocket, which works fine for me.

Hi friend,

my websites is a bit slow and i need to increase it.
this is the link : & , can your have a look on and tell us what kind need to handle in order to improve the speed load.



If your website is slow then optimize your website image, remove cache history when your site developed in WordPress then you can install wpcache plugin .

Maybe you should get professional help to optimize your website load and work speed? I think this will be the best decision, but you need to find good specialists. From my experience I can recommend to contact Light IT company they have great experience in web development.

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