My website is too slow in China

Posted February 12, 2015 9.7k views

Hi Guys,

My website is hosted in singapore and loading at decent speed in some parts of China but not elsewhere. I used to test speed in guangzhou, shanghai and beijing. Which shows that guangzhou is quite fast while the other two is only sometimes fast.

I have read and removed any google api based jqueries including raty (my app is built on ror).
I even removed bootstrap carousel. But still v slow in china. Could it be that we are using gmail based email to send notifications? But surely this should only affect the mailer relevant pages not the whole site? Our images are stored locally too so i cant quite see any reason for being slowed down by the chinese firewall..

Any suggestions or sharing experiences would be appreciated thanks!


  • the evil chinese firewall

  • Many variables to consider, have you tested other websites with that test you mention? It can be also a tester issue. Also, why don’t you try using a CDN like

    maybe you can share your site so we can take a look at it.

  • Hi EpicCDN,

    That would be very kind of you and I would much appreciate your look into the issue!
    My website is

    Yeah I also had a suspicion that the tester might not be so reliable.. but I had no way of checking it as I didn’t want to harrass my Chinese friends with this…

    Having a look at CDN now!


  • I have just had a look at and am I right in thinking that you suggest this because of (to make our location closer to Beijing and shanghai)? So my website is located in Singapore since being with Digital Ocean.

    So you would recommend I base the location to Seoul which is Cloudflare’s closest location to Beijing?

    Thank you


  • Hi @gurume , sorry for the delay but I never got a notification of your comment.

    So in short is ok where ever your server is, as cloudflare will move the data cached by its CDN to nearest endpoint, off course every bit counts so you can test on a few locations and see how it works the fastest. DO is cheap for a few hours of test so create droplets on closest nodes and try it with cloudflare enable, but as I say before Cloudflare should take care of moving data to nearest endpoint to the client/user.

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vltur,linode,conaha have a much better connection to chinese users. why can’t digitalocean Do it? i like Do services, but its just unavaiable.

There are many factors to consider in choosing your web hosting

You website is quite fast now.
It seems that you’ve already improved the speed.
Would you please share the experience?

gurume, what is the good solution for china?