My Wordpress site gos blank

September 27, 2014 1.7k views

Hi everyone!

So everything have been fine but since I added a second droplet, my first site has gone blank 2 times in two days. Login via putty is also super slow. Having to reboot the server to get the site back up, it wont last long tho, just did and it lasted for a good 2 minuts (facepalm).

This is not the “could not connect to database crap”

Im on the $5 plan and have swap added.
Someone else have this? anyone know what it could be? Adding a second droplet should'nt be the reason imo but it started when i did so who know :P

Help will be totally appreciated


2 Answers

Im guessing bad hardware after talking to a friend of mine that is using DO and have had the same thing.

I’m guessing your droplet is running out of memory. I would recommend upgrading your droplet to 1GB as 512MB is usually never enough for a LAMP setup.

Are there any errors in MySQL’s error log?

sudo tail -40 /var/log/mysql.err

Creating a second droplet doesn’t affect the first one so that’s not the issue :)

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