MySQL Managed Database

August 24, 2019 364 views
MySQL Databases

Hello Everyone

I’m planning to migrate to mysql managed database once it is available in my current datacenter.

For the people whom already tried it, can you share your experience so far (I know it’s less than a week but let me know what do you think, did you move your production mysql or still waiting? did you noticed any limitation or issues?)

Did anyone try to use it with Laravel 5.7?

2 Answers

The major problem is Mysql version.

DO Managed database uses Mysql 8.0. So, you have to install Mysql 8 in your droplet and (after create database) change the auth plugin to mysql_native_password (mysql 8 has, by default, caching_sha2_password plugin and PHP does not support it yet).

If you use Sequel Pro, i said so sorry.. Sequel Pro does not support Mysql 8 login and i think it will never support :(

I posted a “mini-tutorial” in this topic:

Just migrated my Wordpress database from MySQL 5.7 to managed Mysql 8 :)

Looking forward to migrating my main application

Wish me good luck

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